Objects and Vision of DIALEZEE:
Sanjay Murali (Legal Consultant) vision is to make ‘Legal access’ democratic by making it neutral and affordable. We are intending to create the world’s first ‘Digital Legal & Due Diligence Ecosystem’ for individuals, Start ups, and small businesses, and our mission is Digital litigation and Due Diligence.
Every citizen should be empowered to comprehend its legal rights and responsibilities. Preventive legal care ecosystem will help individuals and companies to avoid litigations or reduce the cost of litigation and due diligence. Innovation and technology shall fuel the mission of zero percent litigation and hundred percent compliance.
An Idea Powered with smart match technology, Sanjay Murali (Legal Consultant) plans to provide authentic and confidential legal consultation; smart documents with impeccable review and drafting. Everything shall be at an affordable cost and available on demand with the help of cutting-edge technology.
Sanjay Murali (Legal Consultant) is striving to bring down the litigations, due diligence, and ease of doing business in the country to complete digital mode, with zero physical paperwork, which will push the economy on a faster track and instill the confidence in the minds of citizens, businesses and international investors. As a country, India shall become more compliant and aware about its responsibilities and rights.
A made in India and Made for India concept of Sanjay Murali (Legal Consultant) comprises a team of
passionate professionals including, Advocates, accountants, IT experts, engineers and legal experts who visualize and build new technologies for the future of legal access in
We provide a curated set of quality services at an affordable price.
sanjaymurali.com is an interactive online platform that makes it faster and easier to find and hire Top Rated Lawyers in any city/court in India, because you deserve access to first-rate, professional legal advice from Top Rated Lawyers out there. We are on a mission to make the legal experience remarkable by making legal services high quality, cost-effective and on-demand for every need.
We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “Lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.
Expert Legal advice & help – When and How you need it.
sanjaymurali.com lists Top Rated Legal Experts in the country to help you get practical Legal Advice & help. We have experts across criminal defence, property dispute, family issues, corporate law, IPR & 20 other areas of expertise. Our listed Lawyers have practice across 700 cities, and 3000 courts across India, to help provide you the required advice & representation for your legal issues.
Detailed Profiles for every listed Lawyer.
We believe that the right information helps you make better decisions. At sanjaymurali.com, we provide you with detailed information on Lawyers, their areas of expertise, and their experience so that you can make the choices that are right for you.
Get advice – the way you want.
We make it easy to consult Top Rated Lawyers. Discuss your issue over an email, schedule an office meeting, or consult with any of the listed Lawyers at your home / office. We are ready to help you, as per your convenience. 
We also offer FREE ADVICE through the website, where lacs of people have already found the right guidance for their needs.


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